Sarah Holland

A Chef with Hoosier Flare, Respect for Tradition, and a Love of Community

Sarah’s specialty...Hoosier food! A life-long Hoosier herself, Sarah appreciates the combination of Hoosier cuisine and quality, local ingredients. Chef Holland is known for adding Hoosier Flare to all of her dishes!

Her professional career began assisting her mother with hearthside dinners at a small farmhouse museum in Cambridge City, Indiana. The experience of learning alongside her mother led her to earn a degree in Culinary Arts through the Art Institute of Indianapolis and her career as an executive chef at well-known, northside restaurants with 20+ years of culinary experience.

Chef Holland appreciates the tradition of historical Hoosier and family recipes. Sarah has a soft spot for baking, especially Indiana Sugar Cream Pie! “This dish is one of my favorites because every family in Indiana seems to have their own variation of the recipe.” Sarah’s favorite recipe for Indiana Sugar Cream Pie? It’s her mom’s recipe of course! “It's all about the nutmeg. Additionally, my mom’s recipe is super creamy and not overly sweet and the crust is perfect! After asking her for her recipe for what seemed like the hundredth time, my mom made the joke that I should ‘just get it tattooed on my arm so I won't forget’. So I did. She was mortified!”

Growing up in a small, Indiana town, Sarah appreciates the connection of a close-knit community. For Sarah, whether she was enjoying a meal around her family table as a child or leading the kitchen as the executive chef she honors the love, skill, time, and tradition that make the meal delicious. It is not uncommon to find Sarah chatting with guests, listening to their stories and memories conjured up with an aroma or taste. “In the kitchen, our success is in the camaraderie, trust, and effort put forth by our team. There is nothing like wrapping up a very busy night, knowing that we succeed TOGETHER in delivering enjoyable dining experiences for our guests. What a great feeling!” Community is connection.

As a long-standing establishment in the Cicero community, there is a responsibility to give back, not an unfamiliar concept of Brett and the 10 West family. Sarah appreciates the importance of mentors, not only within her career but how she can mentor others and give back to the community. Chef Holland participates in the Carmel High School Cheftacular, winning several years in a row. For each contest, Chef Holland and other area chefs are paired with students from the CHS Culinary Program and a randomly chosen ingredient. Working with the students, local chefs compete against one another to create a dish. The winning student earns a scholarship to culinary school. Not only have Sarah and her students won several times, but many of her students continue to work and learn alongside Chef Holland in the kitchen beyond the contest. “It is such a cool feeling to watch the students learn, grow, and gain confidence in themselves and their culinary talents.” 

When not at 10 West, Sarah enjoys continuing her creativity in fiber arts. Every year she purchases a whole sheep fleece from Indiana wool shows, processes it, spins it into yarn, and dyes it naturally with native plants from her garden and then weaving, finding immense satisfaction in a masterpiece from start to finish…much like her cooking!

Jeremy Devine

A Hoosier with Hospitality
at the Heart of Success

Cicero resident and established restaurateur, Jeremy Devine has a long-standing career in the culinary world. Beginning at age 16 bussing tables and hosting, Jeremy continued to learn the industry and move into the roles of general manager and consultant for fine dining establishments. A Hoosier at heart, after spending a period of time in Colorado, Jeremy was ready to bring his decades of restaurant experience and expertise home again to Indiana. 

“I am from a small town. The love of a small town is ingrained in me.” Jeremy has always appreciated the allure of a small town. The charm, the architecture, and the heart of any small town—the people. He has found each of those qualities in Cicero and 10 West. Just as the quality of food speaks for itself, so does the environment of dining at 10 West. For Jeremy, success hinges on the people and the culture which continues to thrive here. The team shares a passion to create and share unbelievable dining experiences with each of our guests. There is joy in working together, respect for one another, and pride in the hospitality shown to our guests and the meals we serve. 

10 West has become not only a community landmark but a destination restaurant the town of Cicero is proud to claim as its own. This is something Jeremy is excited to continue and build upon with Brett. “People will always remember the way they felt while enjoying a meal. I want our guests to walk away excited to come back and to share their experience with friends and family. I want them to come back to see their favorite hostess, server, bartender, and chef.” 

When not at 10 West, Jeremy enjoys spending time camping with his wife, Leigh, and their three sons, Keller, Rowan, and Waylon, cooking over a fire, hiking, and kayaking. You may also bump into him at the local antique malls, sifting to find treasure to add to his vinyl record collection.

Brett Morrow brings a unique mix of creative, innovative ideas and a practical, pragmatic approach to building a business. His entrepreneurial spirit, motivated by a real commitment to improving the community, has led him to ownership of a number of diverse businesses. 

Brett’s methods are simple, “It’s all about the people,” he says. “If you empower people to do what they do best, you’ll have a good business. I’ve got great people behind me…how could we not succeed?”

Brett Morrow


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