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Chef Bill Wampler has been delighting appetites for over 25 years. With a mix of elegance and comfort, his rustic gourmet fare pays tribute to his quiet passion for his craft. The secret to his success is clear, “It’s about the food,” he says. “It’s about good, quality, consistent food.”

Chef Bill Wampler from 10 West Restaurant and Bar

 Bill Wampler

Head Chef

Lisa Wampler is in charge of the front of the house at 10 West. Her charming manner and warm smile are eclipsed only by her professionalism and commitment to customer service.

Top-notch customer experiences are standard thanks to Lisa’s hospitality, attention to detail and leadership. “At 10 West we strive to be the restaurant you bring your family to after the football game, go to for a Friday night date, or bring that special guest from out of town. We want to be that local restaurant where you’re proud to be a regular,” she says. “None of that would be possible without the amazing team we have. We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff, who genuinely want each and every guest to have a great experience at 10 West!”

Lisa Brown from 10 West Restaurant and Bar

 Lisa Wampler

Front of House Manager

Brett Morrow brings a unique mix of creative, innovative ideas and a practical, pragmatic approach to building a business. His entrepreneurial spirit, motivated by a real commitment to improving the community, has led him to ownership of a number of diverse businesses. As a newcomer to the restaurant business, Brett’s methods are simple, “It’s all about the people,” he says. “If you empower people to do what they do best, you’ll have a good business. I’ve got great people behind me, how could we not succeed?”

 Brett Morrow


Brett Morrow, owner of 10 West Restaurant and Bar

Brett Morrow


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